Some Lovin’ for Bloglovin’

This week we’re highlighting one of our newest Knotel members. As their first month at our NoHo location comes to a close we’re about ready to sing the praises of Bloglovin’ as they bring about a revolution – or maybe more of a revelation? – in the blog world.

Since approximately one third of the Internet is made up of blogs* (*not an actual statistic), there’s a pretty good chance that you either have a blog yourself or follow one or two (or seventeen) on the regular.

Bloglovin’ is there for you. Bloglovin’ gets it.

For the blog novice: Bloglovin’ offers a variety of blog recommendations based on your tastes so you can curate the perfect feed.

For the blog lover: All the blogs you follow can live on your Bloglovin’ feed. Instead of leaping between windows and tabs to reach your corners of the Internet, you can scroll through a seamless stream of all your favorites in one place.

For the blogger: Your blog is your blog. That’ll never change. When you use Bloglovin’, think of it… well… think of it like a Knotel: a place for your blog to mingle with others and meet lots of new connections. (You can even reap some benefits as an influencer with Activate by Bloglovin’.)

So, bloggers: scroll on!

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle

Hey Friends,

This Earth Day more than 193 countries are celebrating our world. More importantly and more urgently, though, people in those countries are raising awareness and support for efforts to protect it. As big supporters of the Earth here at Knotel, we’re glad to do our part today and every day.

We don’t just recycle our paper, plastic, and metals, and keep our lights on timers at Knotel, though. We’re proud to say we take our love and protection of the Earth to a functional (and trendy) new level.

Namely, we’ve taken up “upcycling” within our spaces. Formally, “upcycling” is defined as: “reusing discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.” We like to think of it as recycling for our own benefit.

The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years.

We try to contribute as little to that as possible, so all of the books you see in our reception area have been rescued from the trash and secondhand shops. Most of our shelves have also been stained and built in-house with upcycled wood.

Even our conference room tables have a little “upcycled” flair to them. We don’t encourage any actual bowling on them, though.

Coming Up at Knotel:

May 4, 2016: “How Women in Tech are Making Fashion Smart,” a discussion about women in leadership positions in the tech industry led by Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui, founders of AUrate.

Don’t forget to RSVP.

May 9, 2016: “A Fair Dinkum Chat with NY-based Australian Startups,” a discussion of the influx of Australians in the US with their laid-back competence and big startup accomplishments led by our Aussie in residence.

But First, Coffee

Hey Friends,

How many of you walked in to work today half-asleep with a coffee in hand from some chain or cafe? Probably a lot of you. Or you went for the pot in the office kitchen. Either way, now the day can start; we all need a little jolt to get the work day started.

The question is, though: why should such an integral part of our workday be so mediocre? Especially when we’re so much more than that.

At Knotel, we’ll confess: we like coffee. And, while Knotels tend to be nestled among quaint cafes and charming gourmet coffee shops, we prefer to keep coffee an in-house venture. When you step into one of our kitchens, you won’t find old pots or a percolator with a used filter or old grounds.

Instead, you’ll find an entire shelf of French presses. Because, as Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz would say, we want “the best cup of coffee known to mankind,” not just a cup of coffee. We do our best work when we have the best tools at hand – so there’s no settling here.

On top of excellent quality, though French presses are easy – so you can focus on what’s important – just add hot water to the grounds of your choice. And, since that’s all it takes, there’s no waste: no filters, pods, cups, or packaging of any kind, just grounds to rinse.

Best for last, though: there’s absolutely no line.

Robot Room service?

It seems like robots are just about everywhere nowadays. Drones, plantshitchhikers… we can’t get away from them. In fact, we launched Knotel Battery today and, in addition to beautiful views, we’ve got our very own robot on hand thanks to Savioke. Forget year of the monkey, 2016 is definitely primed to be the “Year of the Robot.”

Pronounced “savvy oak,” the Sunnyvale, CA based company is currently hiring for your robot lovin’ dream job (unless your dream job is “robot whisperer” or “jack of all robots;” those positions are taken). If you’re interested in embracing your robot enthusiasm professionally, you should apply now, because as soon as these autonomous robot helpers can take care of themselves as well as they take care of us, you’ll be out of a job.

Relay Robot, one of your future coworkers, has already put his wheels in the race for employee/robot of the month. Already at work in six California hotels, he’s looking to expand his turf – to the East coast, perhaps? In hotels, Relay makes deliveries to guests’ rooms so other employees can focus on jobs more complex than dropping juice and toothbrushes off at your door. With 13,000 deliveries under his robot belt, this autonomous robot helper is poised to take over the hospitality industry – as soon as it can handle hot food, that is.

From hotels to Knotels, though… Relay is making his way to New York City. You can adopt one too – or come meet him in person at Knotel Battery. This is no April Fool’s Day joke, promise.

While Relay is out there becoming a hospitality rockstar, you can join us and become a PR rockstar!

On April 14th, Knotel Houston Street will host Linda Chung of sparkpr and Rob Gukeisen of Moviefone for a fireside chat. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a way to drum up some buzz, there’ll be tips, tricks, and insider advice for everyone.

Check it out!

–Marianna and the Knotel Team

P.S. These newsletters are usually going to be full of wise and insightful learnings from our Knotel network. For example, the upcoming Work Awesome conference on the future of work – robots, AI, globalization.

Let Your Robots Bloom


As of Sunday, spring has officially sprung. The days have been getting longer, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and the robot plants are in the air.


Don’t worry, you read it right. Robot plants. More accurately, “Plant-Like Robots.” If you were lucky enough to spend some time at SXSW Interactive this year, you may have seen the “Plant-Like Robot” and its creator Ji Won Jun taking home the award for Student Innovation for the robot’s exceptional interactive technology.

But why? Does it do anything besides annoy those of us with tiny robot allergies?

Jun and her team wanted to expand our relationship with robots beyond the idea of an an anthropomorphized piece of metal. Robots can be more than just human-like contraptions.


Instead of another walking, talking, robot, Jun decided to vegetamorphize* her robots (*not her actual terminology). Why shouldn’t a robot have vegetal qualities? After all, plants have the unique ability to adapt to their environments, moving through them, growing, and spreading seamlessly all without the actual power of movement. Just like the burrs you pull out of your hair, sweaters, and pets, the “Plant-Like Robot” travels by way of its surroundings, taking note of the environment for us humans to see in a whole new “plant-like” way. If you’d rather keep your plants as plants and your robots as robots, check out Grove Labs for a totally different take on robotic plants.


Happy spring and may your robot gardens bloom in abundance!

P.S. Want to be a PR Rockstar? We can help with that. Stop by the next Knotel session!